How do my productions sound?


Before production

After production

SHIPS by Jimi Scully.

Jimi recorded this demo in a hotel lobby.


LOOKING FOR YOU by Philip Clover

Philip recorded this demo using his own equipment.

UNKNOWN GUITARIST by Ghislaine Redout

Ghislaine used online composer software to create the backing.

YOU NEVER CAN TELL by Kathleen Wildman

Kathleen had a vocal and a melody.


Ellis created and recorded a demo of his song.

What people think…

Alison Fleming

As a fan of singer/songwriter Paul Baggott I also highly recommend him as a producer.

Having collaborated online since January 2012 I’m thrilled with his creative and production work to date whereupon he has transformed many of my rough (some cassette) demos into market worthy tracks.

Whether you want your track simply enhanced, or worked from scratch perhaps with part of your original track(s) incorporated; or if you would like a dance track or remix created from your original song, or whether you want him to provide a vocal – Paul works to suit. He is dedicated to capturing your vision and to helping people realise their goals. This is made all the easier by the fact he’s a great communicator too – intuitive, concise and effective.

He is also a fine upstanding guy and with a disarming sense of humour to boot. I would recommend Paul Baggott for production needs from demo to mastered product.

SHIPS by Jimi Scully

Jimi wanted a singer songwriter style production.


LOOKING FOR YOU by Philip Clover

Philip gave me a free hand with his track.

UNKNOWN GUITARIST by Ghislaine Redout

I created a backing and top line and she hired a female singer. 

YOU NEVER CAN TELL by Kathleen Wildman

She wanted a vintage Byrds sound.


I produced the track and included much of his audio

Rick 1
Bass slant_Fotor



Philip Clover

Paul is a most talented musician, songwriter and producer.

He has endless creativity in making something out of nothing to transform song ideas into real listenable substance as a good producer does.


I tender each song to him and eagerly await the results with much excitement as to what magic he is going to work on them.


He translates what the artist is looking for then takes the scenic route.


To work with Paul is an absolute pleasure.


Top man!


David G. Ward

I have worked with Mr. Paul Baggott for the last couple of years.

He has done all the mixing, production and mastering work on my debut album titled ‘The David G. Ward Project’.

He is working with me on my sophomore effort.

I would use no one else on my projects.

Every song he has produced for me has exceeded my expectations. His ear to what needs added instrumentally to a song is beyond reproach.

I recommend Paul very highly for all your mix, production and mastering work for your next song, project or album needs.

He has taken my music to a whole other level.

L6 1
mixr 1_blur dark

Kathleen Wildman

I cannot praise Paul Baggott highly enough!


He did everything within his power to ensure that I was completely happy with his interpretation of my song ‘You Never Can Tell’ and believe me I am.


In fact, I’m ecstatic.


Ben Robinson


Already started working with Paul again. 


So easy to work with. Nothing was a problem.


Totally dedicated himself to creating the sound and feel I wanted for the song. 


End product sounds fantastic….Ace guy !!!!